Our Liquid Chefs team invests the same time and energy into a cocktail as a chef de cuisine would to his signature dishes. There is constant experimentation and fine tuning going on at the Truffle&Truffles bar, where herbs, fruits, juices and molecular techniques come together to form liquid gold. Each cocktail tells a flavourful story through layers of textures and after-tastes, and every concoction implants a fixed memory in our guest’s mouth.

We work hand in hand with the kitchen, sourcing the latest flavours from the team. They provide the basic elements, which then it transforms into sensational cocktails. We understand that as humans, our psyche is to be wary of change, but Truffle&Truffles entices our guests to be adventurous with their choices, and encourages them to experience flavours which are out of their comfort zones.

Handcrafted Cocktail Mixology

  • Twisted and Classic Cocktails

    Classic Cocktails are indeed the pioneer of today’s inspiration.

  • Apricot Cosmopolitan

    • €7.00

    The Cosmopolitan and the Metropolitan were created in New york City.

    Stimulated apricot jam, mandarin vodka, Cointreau, fresh limes, cranberry juice, flamed orange.

  • Raffles Singapore Sling

    • €7.50

    Also known as the million dollar Cocktail, created by legend bartender Ngiam Tong Boon at the long Raffles Hotel Bar in the city of Singapore, 1915.

    House Gin, cherry brandy, home made sour mix, pineapple juice, grenadine syrup, ginger syrup, sparkling soda water.

  • Mojito Cubano

    • €6.50

    Destination Havana Cuba Authentica, the oldest classic cocktail in history since 1586.

     Havana Club 3 year old , fresh limes, mints, brown sugar, sparkling soda water.

  • Wasabi Bloody Mary

    • €7.00

    The first Bloody Mary was stirred somewhere in Paris during 1921, and is bett er known as the Breakfast Cocktail. Therefore, it can be enjoyed at any time of day.

    House vodka, stimulated wasabi paste, stirred tomato juice, salt, pepper, worcestershire sauce, home made chilli sauce & fresh thyme 

  • Silent Blossom

    • €10.00

    Signature gin, with 24 botanicals carefully chosen for their uniqueness, that work together in unison to afford a romantic, complex flavour, fresh floral and clarifying citrus.


    Slint pool gin , chambord liqueur, prickly pear liqueur, fresh lime juice , Thomas Henry cherry blossom tonic .

  • Black Manhattan

    • €8.00

    Eye-opening version of the manhattan , involving the Maltese amaro Leila which makes it the perfect digestive cocktail.

    Bourbon Whiskey , Maltese Leila liqueur, Orange twist , amarena cherry & chocolate bitters 

  • Old Papa

    • €8.00

    7 Year Don Papa rum , Orange twist , cloves , cinnamon , grapefruit bitters . Served warm

  • Sours Selection

  • Vintaged Whisky Sour

    • €7.00

    It is sometimes called the Boston Sour, which originated from a published newspaper article in the USA, 1870.

    Bourbon whiskey, homemade sour mix, maraschino cherry essence, egg white & port 

  • Pisco Sour

    • €8.00

    Destination: Morris Bar Lima, Peru, 1920.

    Peruvian pisco liqueur, fresh sour mix, simple sugar, egg whites, Angostura bitters.

  • Napoleon Sour

    • €8.00

    1800s unique spirit created for an Emperor, mandarine Napoleon is a bold blend of 10 year aged cognac, and exquisite mandarins & aromatic spices.

    Mandarine Napoleon Cognac , Amaretto liqueur , sour mix , fresh lime juice & crushed ice 

  • Margarita Sour

    • €7.00

    Smuggling trade from Mexico into America during prohibition of european brandies and spirits during World War ll , Tequila was becoming more common in bars across the country , Argubly the most popular in the class of cocktails known as "The Daisy".

    House Tequila , Cointreau , fresh lime juice , grapefruit bitters & cane sugar 

  • Lost and Found Collection

    Hand Crafted Creativity and innovative mixology.

  • Peachy Lychee

    • €7.50

    Home-infused peach and rosemary herb vodka, Asian lychee, shaken over Archers peach liqueur, sparkling mineral water.

  • Truffles Milano Mule

    • €7.50

    Slightly spicy & refreshing. 

    House gin, fresh limes, seasonal herbs & spices, topped up with Thomas Henry Tonic

  • Samba Beats

    • €7.50

    Inspired by a Brazilian Samba dancers.

    Cachaça, Prosecco, fresh pineapples, ginger syrup, fresh lime, honey,cardamom & crushed ice.

  • Martini Collection

  • French Martini

    • €9.00

    Grey Goose vodka shaken over raspberry Chambord liqueur , fresh pineapple froth

  • Japanese Apple Martini

    • €7.50

    home infused rum with cinnamon and apple skin, Midori Melon Liqueur and muddled apples 

  • Espresso Martini

    • €6.50

    Home-infused Arabica coffee beans, vodka, Kahlua Liquor, syrup, espresso shot,  flamed cinnamon.

  • Pineapple and Basil Martini

    • €6.50

    Muddled pineapples and basil , shaken over vodka, Kirsch Liqueur and basil syrup.

  • After Dinner Cocktails

  • Hot & Cold

    • €7.00

    Gallioano Liqueur , espresso, shaken cream, grated dark chocolate, cognac rim

  • Royal Ending

    • €3.00