The Team

Truffle&Truffles is more and beyond its physical location. The sleek and elegant interior of the restaurant hosts a broad and exciting journey for each of its esteemed clients, and every aspect of the experience draws from flavours, scents and textures gathered from years of study and research.

Every meal tells a unique and worldly story through hand picked ingredients, and a guiding and resourceful service is forever present and uncompromised. What you will ultimately discover is the passion that resonates throughout the restaurant. Such dedication is what makes your meal at Truffle&Truffles unforgettable.

Andrew’s and Natasha’s taste buds have done most of the travelling. While Andrew spent 10 years working in international kitchens and studied the art of chocolate in Belgium, Natasha spent her internship in the Lake Side District and has also served as head chef in a number of top locations.

The familial element of Truffle&Truffles came about when Andrew and Natasha, decided to fuse together their encyclopaedic culinary knowledge in March 2015. Fusion is most certainly at the heart of their concept, with Andrew and Natasha merging French and Italian cuisine respectively.